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Useful Github Search Capabilities for Issues and Pull Requests

In my day-to-day I often find myself wanting to search for pull requests and issues that I’ve commented on without necessarily being the author of the pull request/issue. Fortunately, Github has a couple of pretty useful search options for just this purpose!

Search by commenter

This is a filter I now use multiple times a day when I’m chatting with someone and have a “I know I’ve been in a conversation about this somewhere on Github already” moment.

The syntax for this is commenter:<a github username>.

Search for a user that’s involved in an issue or pull request

More broad than the ‘search by commenter’ filter mentioned above, this works as an OR between the author, assignee, mentions, and commenter filters.

The syntax for this is involves:<a github username>

Wrap up

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of the other search options that Github has (and I highly encourage doing so), you can find their full documentation about this topic here.

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