This information is accurate as of RedwoodJS v1.3 and may have changed since this was first published.

Simple static sites are sometimes all we need for our use case, in which case we don’t need an API layer or database for our site.

Redwood’s file structure makes a clean separation between the frontend (located in the /web folder) and the backend (the /api folder), making it easy to remove the API layer and database when it’s not needed in the site by simply deleting the /api folder1.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a ‘gotcha’. While you’ll be able to develop locally, once you attempt to deploy to production, a build error that looks something like the following will appear:

No Prisma Schema found.
Redwood searched here '<path to project>/api/db/schema.prisma'

In order to get around this, you need to add --prisma=false --dm=false to the deploy command.

In a netlify.toml within the project:

yarn rw deploy netlify --prisma=false --dm=false
publish = "web/dist"

--prisma controls whether database migrations are applied, and --dm controls whether to migrate the data in your database as part of the build2. They usually default to true, and both need to be disabled in order for the deploy to complete successfully.

Once these are added, deployments to production should complete successfully without additional configuration on your part.

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